Monday, September 28, 2009


Apparently there is some convention happening this upcoming weekend in Detroit that is advertising an "Anime Hell".

We don't have anything to do with this event. We were not consulted, informed, requested, asked, briefed, or contacted in any way by this convention whatsoever.

Therefore, we disavow any responsibility for anything that happens at this convention.

"Anime Hell" is not open source software. It is not a franchise or a travelling roadshow or a handy kit you can use in the privacy of your own home. We made it up, it's ours to use as we see fit.

If your anime convention or Star Trek gathering or family reunion wants to hold a crazy clip show, we encourage you to take the thirty seconds it would take you to come up with your own name and your own concepts. Do not think you can ride to glory on our coattails. You will fail and people will be disappointed in you, and we don't want them thinking we had anything to do with it.

We have been informed via the convention's message board that the listing of "Anime Hell" was a mistake and should never have been on the schedule in the first place, and there was never any intention to use our event.

Thanks to Anime Detroit for their attention in this matter.


Chris Sobieniak said...

Next thing you know this'll be another Coney Island Hot Dog deal where everyone says they're "The Original"! :-)

Tohoscope said...

Except that Dave's been calling it Anime Hell for almost 15 years and we've got a paper trail to prove it.

Tohoscope said...

Nice to see the whole thing resolved quickly and politely.

David said...

Once, way back when, I remember a flyer for an outfit called "NATO" turning up at a con somewhere in the midwest.

This was interesting, as another outfit called NATO had already been in existence for a few years.

Stranger and stranger...