Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Panel OF DOOM! Report - AWA 2009

The Panel OF DOOM! was reshuffled around a bit this year due to last-minute scheduling changes. Unfortunately, there wasn't much of a way for anyone to ever know this, as the changed time wasn't reflected on anyone's pocket guides and no errata sheets were ever printed (or if they were, they never reflected the change). Additionally, the online mobile guide--a first for this year--was never updated due to technical issues that will be resolved next time, and the schedule in front of the door wasn't initially changed either. I spent much of Friday putting up Danno's flyers (which themselves needed to be altered), and Dave announced the schedule change over the mic before HELL, but the room didn't really fill up until halfway through--7:30 PM--because that was the listed start time on all of the official schedules. At this point, the additional space granted by the use of the Williams Ballroom was greatly appreciated.

This year's panel consisted of one hundred percent new footage not previously shown at AWA. Here's the list, though not necessarily in the order played since everything is mixed on-the-fly:

Pre-DOOM show (clips I ran prior to scheduled start time):

Cosplay Diets: Thin and Happy from MightyNiche
Mom Puts Clothes in the Xbox 360 box
Idol Tenshi Youkoso Youko - with special guest Michael Jackson
Killer7 - Garcian Smith Plays Russian Roulette with Benjamin Keane
The Bartender 2 by Mitch Magee
Tiger on Beat - Chainsaw Fight Finale

Playlist OF DOOM:
East Meets West - obnoxiously edited US-made anime documentary from Appleseed: Ex Machina Special Edition (recurring)
Survive Style 5+ - Tadanobu Asano's Marital Problems (recurring)
Science Ninja Team Gatchaman - Murder Music (the key recurring segment along with EMW and SS5+)
GI JOE - Cold Slither (recurring)
GI JOE Extreme - Opening
Youtube Anime Fan Disgruntled Over Being Rickrolled
Transformers - Thief in the Night (aka "so racist that Casey Kasem quit"; recurring)
Shaun Williams Bail Bonding
Street Fighter Ryu Cosplayer vs Car
Street Fighter: The Movie 1994 (recurring)
Will You Be Here Tomorrow? - work safety video
A Person With Confused Priorities (Skydiving) - Bill Plympton
Baby Police - "Nollywood" Trailer
Redhouse Furniture for White People...and Black People
DDT - Pro Wrestling Cosplayers (Haruhi, Maid, Rei Ayanami, Hatsune Miku, etc)
Ninja in the Dragon's Den "Shaka Ninja" Opening Credits
KRON 1981 - News Report on Reading Newspapers via Computer
Baby Laugh a Lot toy commercial
Yogi Ogi Dogi - the creepy old man farmer / yoga instructor / child molester
Lois Walker's Take Part! - Imagination Market (would probably get a better reaction in Canada since it never aired in the US)
Murphy's Irish Stout - British anime ad from the late 1980s by Hiroyuki Kitakubo and Production IG
Ninja Silent Assassin (recurring)
Torque Pepsi vs Mountain Dew Motorcycle Fight
The Animal Lover - Bill Plympton
Andrew WK giving the weather report on Fox News
Alex Jones Screaming
Alex Jones Screaming and Turning Super Saiyan
Kenshiro's Cat
Kenshiro's Gourmet Race
Kenny vs Spenny Season 5 - Who Is the Better Pro Wrestler (with The Iron Shiek; deemed tremendously offensive by 3 people on the AWA message board)
The Heroic Trio trailer
Legend of the Liquid Sword - Kung Fu Jesus
Andy Richter - Hyundai vs Toyota
MTV Acid Rain PSA - Bill Plympton
Hardee's Hates A-Holes
The Lost Key - Bill Plympton
Speedfit Treadmobile
A Person With Confused Priorities (Train) - Bill Plympton
Chojin Sentai Jetman - Gai's Royal Straight Flush
Kamen Rider Amazon - Decapitation and Dismemberment for Kids (TOKUSATSU HELL HIJACK)
Kamen Rider Ryuuki - Soccer
Crossranger the Sentai Porno (fight footage only!)
Ultraman Go-Kart Racing
Sukeban Deka Breakdancing
Kaiketsu Zubat - "Dear Asuka"
Story From North America - Garrett Davis, Kirsten Lepore ("the spider cartoon")
Keyboard Cat - Child Hit In Face By Steel Folding Chair
Iron Shiek Emergency Hotline
25 Ways to Quit Smoking - Bill Plympton
Barry Manilow - Never Gonna Give You Up, 2008 cover

The panel concluded with Jason Statham giving everyone the finger while on fire. Pretty long playlist, but it's slightly deceptive since most of the non-anime clips were only about a minute long. During the first Kenny vs Spenny clip, the curtain in the back of the room suddenly keeled over entirely and fell down onto the crowd, causing a fairly large panic/disturbance that resulted in my stopping the show for about a minute. Whether this was due to Peelander Z rocking out, offended attendees knocking it over, or--as I like to believe--the power of The Iron Shiek's profanity-laced tirade is unknown to me. As far as I can tell nobody was hurt.


Chris Sobieniak said...

Bothered to comment on your playlist choices Daryl!

KRON 1981 - News Report on Reading Newspapers via Computer

Remember seeing that a awhile ago. Hard to think back to those simple times when the very thought of doing anything like what we do today was possible. I usually hate the YT comments from those that dish the newspaper companies that are since beginning to feel the pinch after all, I was once a paperboy you freaks!

Imagination Market (would probably get a better reaction in Canada since it never aired in the US)

Still it's nice to show off something so unknown that it's gold!

Murphy's Irish Stout - British anime ad from the late 1980s by Hiroyuki Kitakubo and Production IG

Hmmm, have to check that out!

The Animal Lover - Bill Plympton

Can't go wrong with Plymptoons!

MTV Acid Rain PSA - Bill Plympton

Heh, I remember that (and back when MTV PSA's were pretty much that way)

25 Ways to Quit Smoking - Bill Plympton

I remember being in the 10th grade and excerpts of this classic short was used in some multimedia motivational assembly presentation in the auditorium I didn't mind not having to go through Science class to watch!

Superdeformed said...

Anytime someone uses clips from DDT for anything I have to give them a thumbs up.