Monday, September 14, 2009

DOOM and Death await you Sat. night at AWA!

Surat's Panel of DoOM at AWA 2009

Saturday night at Anime Weekend Atlanta sure is busy, but if disco or bebop isn't your thing and you've lived through Japanese Anime Hell on Friday then boogie on down till you're SIX FEET UNDERGROUND with me at the Panel OF DOOM! Now simply too large to be contained within the Kennesaw Ballroom, from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM we're taking over one half of the Galleria's Williams Ballroom for two more hours of bizarre clips, pop culture detritus, and NINJA attacks. Also: anime! Who'da guessed?! Featuring the hypnotic murder music of Cold Slither and the Demon 5, this year's Panel is GUARANTEED to offend and/or cause insanity to all who dare attend, much like all the others over the, has it been six years now?!

But wait, there's more! From 10:00 PM to midnight in the same room is the return of Anime's Craziest Deaths, now at twice the length of AWA 2008's! What is this panel about? Read the panel title to find out! What sort of content will it contain? Read the panel title to find out! No ID check will be required, but two hours of graphic cartoon violence and mayhem is probably not suitable for the young'uns, who should be asleep at that hour anyway! The rumors are true; the death panels you've heard about so much on the news and read about on the Internet are REAL, and they'll be pulling the plug not just on Grandma, but EVERYONE! Hopefully this time someone won't pull the fire alarm.

But the far-reaching shadowy grasp of the Anime World Order cannot be contained to one room on one night! Set your sights on the panel rooms throughout the weekend and be on the lookout for Black Jack: Tezuka's Dark Doctor, 30 Years of AIC (roughly 30 years, anyway!), the 18+ History of Hentai on Friday night (right before Hell!), the 18+ Doujinshi 101, and whatever else we decide to jump onto at the last minute!

Oh yeah, we donated almost all the prizes for the Ouran High School Host Club Challenge, too! That was like $2500-$2800 worth of stuff, as in two thousand, five hundred dollars plus (which counts as "over $1000")! RECOGNIZE.


Superdeformed said...

Damn you people and having money and stuff to attend. bah!

Chris Sobieniak said...

At least someone here has the ability to go to these places at a time of economic instability. I guess that's why I won't hear from him for a while despite my personal endeavors for the weekend.