Tuesday, September 22, 2009


You thought you knew everything about Anime Hell this past Friday night at AWA? Well, you don't know the REAL STORY. The REALLY REAL story of all the sordid goings on behind the scenes! The love, the hate, the ups, the downs, the horrifying nightmare of destruction which led to all the anarchy that we are still recovering from. I do want to point out again that ALL of the wedding ceremonies performed at Anime Hell have been rendered NULL AND VOID by a special act of the City Of Atlanta.

We started a bit late to allow the crowds to filter in and get their safety goggles properly adjusted. Gavv threw some candy and we dimmed the house lights and cranked things up. Here's what we showed:

cold opening: My Youth In Arcadia trailer
Ozone Commandos trailer
Anime Hell logo and remarks
disclaimer from Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls
Dating Do's & Dont's - special Detroit Metal City edit
Odaiba Gundam footage including special exclusive pictures
Kobe Project T-28 footage
Tarragona Mazinger Z footage
Mars And Beyond (Wonderful World Of Disney)
Astro Boy (2009) film trailer
Phoenix, Live Astroboy, Gigantor, Sailormoon, Harlock, Golgo 13, Yamato, Spiderman, ROV, Devilman
Enter The Ninja trailer
Sasuga No Sarutobi clip
Ultraman Karaoke ad
Demonstration of actual working Ultraman Karaoke device
Den Ace parts 1 &2
Gimme Gimme Octopus
UK Safety Films - safe ice skating, swimming, Green Cross Man, Splink, Protect & Survive, etc
Minky Momo Needs The Green Cross Man

(short break)

Japanese Fanta Ads
Gun Rental
Ayds Diet Plan
Head On
Oil Changers
Bruce Lee vs Mummies with Popeye
Hamburger Dracula
Wendy's Grill Rap
This Is My Happening And It Freaks Me Out (Z-Man)
Anime Versus America:
-Gatchaman 1972
-Charlie Chan And The Chan Clan 1972
-Tiger Mask 1969
-Cattanooga Cats 1969
-Kikaider 1974
-Shazam (Captain Marvel) 1974
-Funky Phantom 1970s
-Space Cruiser Yamato 1970s
Yamato pachinko ads
Dr Tran: Tits
Don Pratt: He Is Not A Lawyer
Den Ace parts 3 &4
Obama Japanese Game Show Challenge
Golgo 13 NEC ad
Darth Vader Japanese comedy TV show clip
Underground Tape Railroad ad
GTA Intellivision advertisement
Buck Rogers And The Tiger Men From Mars (1935)
High Blood Pressure Tea
Tea Leaves
Tobor The Telesonic Robot
Married To The Eiffel Tower special DMC edit
Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls ending narration


Chris Sobieniak said...

Sounds like you had a big night there Dave! The Anime vs. America segment sounds very intriguing if only to show just what they were seeing versus what we got the same year. You can't help but giggle loudly over that! Nice choice of clips here (what from "Mars & Beyond" did you show? I loved watching those Disney shows back in the day)!

Tohoscope said...

Extra points for using Beyond the Valley of the Dolls clips.