Wednesday, October 03, 2012

AWA 2012 Hell post mortem

Here's what was shown last Friday night at AWA.  It was kind of a special Anime Hell; I went back into the mists of Hell Time and dredged up some old favorites from both the early Dragoncon all-night marathons and the more programmed events that followed. Finding a lot of the earlier clips was tough; some of the material didn't make the transition from VHS to DVD to digital file and casting around for it is a chore. The audience seemed to appreciate the older material; I tried to pick stuff that the audience liked and I felt was funny and representative of the older shows. Tons of stuff did NOT make the cut; looking back over the playlists it's shocking what I put out there to bore the audience with.  As old as some of the material got, most of it delivered laughs. It's always somebody's first Anime Hell.

FRANKENSTEIN’S KUNG FU MONSTER will not be seen tonight so that we may bring you this special presentation.
Mr Mike Crawl
Aachi & Ssipak - cold opening starring ultraviolent biker versus little blue terrorists
Shain’s opening ("All My Hells")
Hell flyer images from the 1990s
Prefectural High School Earth Defense Force - one of the favorites from the long-form days.
Dirty Pair Does Dishes
Grandizer Vs Great Mazinger, Mazinger Z Vs Devilman clips
Hardware Wars - influential in the youths of so many.
Thank You Mask Man - shown in midnight movie screenings in the late 60s
Bambi meets Godzilla
Bring me the head of Charlie Brown -this one still holds up.
CNN anime report - it's like Cabbage Patch Kids in outer space!
 Dateline NBC Sailor Moon-  lots of Power Rangers footage in that clip, and a lot of 90s kids in the audience
CBC otaku report- lonely ugly men who hate other humans wonder why they can't get dates
Japanorama otaku - Jonathan Ross dressed as Robot Keiji
Dating Do's and Dont's - a very edited version of this educational classic
Live and learn-  just the girl with the scissors
Forkliftdriver Klaus- a tiny slice of this.
Heino that’s irritainment - the first and best Heino clip.
Cartoons and you-  Mark Newgarden's PSA
Jumping / broken down film - clips from both these classics.
Daicon film-  still fun to watch.
Creamy mami vs minky momo -  I need a subtitled version of this, but it works straight
Minky momo truck  - and we all know what happened to Minky Momo.
Gourd boy calabash kids - exploding rat horrifies evil frog
Dr tran - audience participation fun
Roybertitos - still relentlessly funny
Robot insurance - a classic
Lea press on limbs - I've always found this one a little too subtle for the crowd, but it cracks me up everytime
Flintstones cigarettes - just the tiniest bit of this one.

Titanic rapping dog - of course.
Poochie the rockin’ dog - killed myself getting this clip. Dunno what happened to my old copy
Meat And You Partners In Freedom- this one works on about eight levels
Mock five dexter- highlights of this classic
Go george Clooney - this one's cut too, lots of topical references that make no sense now
Speed racer gti ad - still funny
Speed racer geico - still funny
Speed racer performance anxiety- still funny
TNT Godzilla trailer - put together very nicely
Prince of space clips -your weapons are useless against me
Clip of me destroying Prince Of Space - yes, showing a clip of me at Anime Hell. Hopefully somebody taped this so next year I can show a clip of me showing a clip of me showing clips at Anime Hell
Japanese Spiderman
Live action versions of anime characters - Lupin III, Golgo 13, Sailor Moon
Gi joe psa’s - the Fensler films.
Hell flyer

(new material starts)

anti piracy warning from IT CROWD
why anime? Because Clutch Cargo.
Cyborg 009 ‘68 with James Bond
Cyborg 009 ‘79
Cyborg 009 RE: Cyborg
Cyborg 009 Pepsi Nex ads
Cyborg 009 Staff Service ads
Staff service ad
AKB48 vegetable drink ad
Kamen rider security ad
Golgo 13- cell phone ad, fishing line ad
Kirin Star Of The Giants ads
Giants KDDI ads
tomorrow's joe noodles & jacket offer
nissin noodles ads x5
spiderman loves bananas PSA
dr tran campfire
pop (short film about a fox and a chicken and champagne)
j-pop America fun time now - trimmed version of SNL bit
candy candy the anime
kyary kyary pamyu singing "Candy Candy"
hertzfeld la amour - early Hertzfeld, very bitter
fumiko’s confession -wacky Japanese short
redline redline 7000 - two films, one mission
big bill hell’s - FU, Baltimore!
dyE Fantasy - misbehaving teens, monsters, cosmic horror
Sam The Olympic Eagle to calm us all down
Porky breakdown I - Son of a b.b.b.b.b
Hertzfeld wisdom teeth
Porky breakdown II Porky finally spits it out.

Didn't program myself a bathroom break, missed bringing my preshow music disc, rushed through a lot of the explanatory dialog, still ran over.  Two hours passes like two seconds. It's Anime Hell!

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