Sunday, October 28, 2012

Barking Mad

I've lost track of how many of these there are. What else has Clive been up to?


Hey, free bees.

There was a lot of good talent in this one and a sound track by Philip Glass (art-fag points!). It was also a pretty sexy film, for what it was.

But horror films were always about sex.

What I remember most about this was David Cronenberg was in it and it took place in Canada. This made me strangely proud as a child.

Also, Danny Elfman soundtrack. Rock on.

"Ziggy says you have to stop the end of days before you can leap again."

I saw this in a theaters. I wish I hadn't.

Wow. Torture porn. Yay. Makes me kind miss the "Hellraiser" flicks, at least they weren't...

Oh yeah.

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Danno Baker said...

I used to have all his Books of Blood, the paperbacks with the really ugly covers. I wish I knew what happened to them.