Monday, October 08, 2012

The Stone Tape (1972)

Oh, lucky you. You get a full 90-minute movie.

Now, I get to tell you about my own ghosts.

An apartment I had, when I was married: we had three ghosts. We had a young man who would walk through the living room, a grandma in the kitchen (always cooking), and a young woman who went up and down the stairs.

I can't say these were ghosts per se. These were figures you saw out of the corner of you eye. If you looked at them directly, they were not there.

When I saw them, I never said anything about it. Maybe I was tired. Maybe I was hungry. Sure, I saw them, but I thought very little of them.

To me, they were like seeing a footprint in a mud-puddle. They did not try to communicate with me, but they just were. I did my thing; they did theirs. So be it.

The toughest part about having ghosts is you can't put in a ticket to have the apartment sprayed for them. They're worse than roaches in that regard.

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Danno Baker said...

We should start a business offering to spray for ghosts. Ghosts B Gone. Specialists in Spectral Infestations.