Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Edgar Allan Mo'

I can't get enough Edgar Allen, and neither can a slew of film-makers. I won't say he's the most adapted writer (that prize goes to the committee that put the Bible together), but it's a strong showing.

And this is the stuff without Vincent Price. Tough order.

English is for pussies. You want something awful, get someone who was oppressed.

I can't help it; I love puppets.

A good enough version. It's no theater for the deaf, but it will do.

I'm always weirded out when someone tries to put a British spin on Poe. Dude was an American! USA! USA!

I think I played this game back in the 90s.

OK. I was a little iffy about posting this one, as it comes with a mature rating and you'll have to sign in to watch it. The illustrations by Harry Clarke convinced me otherwise.

Before I forget, this is also a Poe story (obvious by the end). Here's parts two, three, and four.

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Unknown said...

Hah, that's right. Vincent Price Poe series!