Thursday, October 24, 2013

Amicus Productions

You know how much blood is in this movie? It will surprise you.

Amicus productions put out several horror anthology flicks, and we've got the last weekend of Horvent (my name for the Advent for Halloween) coming up. Maybe you'll have a party. Here are some movies I can suggest.


I have no idea why the trailer is in black-and-white; the movie isn't.

Anything with David Warner in it is good. Except Time After Time.

See that little dance Christopher Lee does when the hand grabs him? I did that once. A gecko had run up my pant-leg.

BURGESS FREAKIN' MEREDITH. Nothing more need be said.

I like ending on Vincent Price. Sadly, this movie also features musical numbers and they're very 80s. BUT! Go about 3:00 in on this clip:


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