Thursday, May 26, 2011

Panel OF DOOM! at the Florida Anime Experience

Hot on the heels of Anime Central, the North American continent is positively engulfed in the flames of ANIME HELL this Memorial Day weekend, a weekend during which some of the biggest anime conventions are held: Anime North, Animazement, and Fanimecon. But in the sequestered-off land known as Florida--a state once home to double-digit numbers of anime conventions that have since vanished or become general-purpose "media" cons--a fledgling convention has hatched.

The Florida Anime Experience isn't looking to be a massive event; I'm thinking a couple hundred people at most. But in an environment where anime conventions now have to also cater to steampunk, musical acts, Vocaloid, Touhou, and especially the followers of the zombie apocalypse, FAE seeks to be a back to "basics" anime convention. And since nobody goes to video rooms anyway, they asked me and my AWO cohorts to program one of them entirely with stuff WE'D want people to see.

So between that and the rest of the schedule, I have a semi-clear conscience in jumping IN MY MERRY OLDSMOBILE (come to think of it, I've never used that one!) and hurling DOOM down upon the masses this Friday night (5/27/11), 10 PM, in Main Events. Alas, unlike all you graphic design impresarios I lack the ability to edit this image so they're holding something apropos in lieu of rifles. As such there is no flyer. But expect the tried-and-true mix of HELL classics combined with goofball Japanese cartoon clips, wacky Z-grade action movie antics, odd commercials, Orson Welles, and that one music video where Rocky fights ED-209.

Here's hoping the laptop holds together. Never did quite restore it fully following the otherwise successful Anime Boston HELL-stravaganza...


Tohoscope said...

That reminds me, I gotta test my laptop before A-Kon Hell.

Chris Sobieniak said...

Certainly people may get a 'rise' out of that candy cane bit!

Tohoscope said...

How did the panel go? Report!