Sunday, May 01, 2011

Ferdinand means "bold voyager" in German

MATATORO from Matatoro Team on Vimeo.


Just in case you don't know, the plural of "you" in Spain is "vosotros". It basically means "you all".

Now, in Mexico and most of South America, the plural of "you" is "ustedes". It's very formal and means "Your honors". There are two forms for "you" in Spanish: "tu" (not formal) and "usted" (formal). I can't tell you why "vosotros" fell out of favor in the New World when saying "you all", but it did.

So, imagine my consternation when trying to tell a group of ten-year-old boys to shut up during a bull-fight in Spain. My Spanish language education had always been for Central and South America, never Spain proper.

Like hell, I'm going to tell a bunch of kids, "Your honors, if you could please be quiet?"

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