Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gill Scott Heron, (no longer) living legend and proto-rapper

Dangit! Gil Scott Heron has died.

But whitey's on the moon.

I bet you don't know who is his.

But whitey's on the moon.


You may have heard that the revolution will not be televised. I hear it will not be telegraphed, either.

It's an iconic bit of poetry.

I had heard "Revolution" many years ago, but it wasn't anything I could play at top decibel from my car. This track, however, I do like to play at the local 7-11....just to make people uncomfortable. (Maybe NSFW.)

But maybe you don't know Foxy Brown? Oh, you should.

Oh, Blaxploitation, is there no line you won't cross?

Whereas the "Revolution" and "Whitey" might be fun and amusing, "Winter" was a more potent and mournful piece that spoke to everyone. This is how I felt in 2008.

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