Monday, May 16, 2011

Three short films

Dan and I were talking about this one earlier tonight. The Jan Svankmajer "Punch and Judy" reminded us.


Oh noes! There is violence!

Ohh......the people it has inspired.


Tohoscope said...

Tony vs. Paul was technically well done, I just wish there'd been more of a story/plot to it. Still, it made me grin. Really well done stop motion animation. It made me think of Mike Jittlov. Man, imagine what Jittlov could do with these guys and some backers.

Chris Sobieniak said...

Speaking of Jittlov, I plan to share some of the Wizard's works soon over at the usual place I go (someone asked for it, and I was stalling for quite a while for the right moment).

Tohoscope said...

They should have a Mike Jittlov film festival. I'd go to that. A weekend of Jittlov shorts and Wizard of Speed and Time? Shut up and take my money!