Monday, June 13, 2005

AKonHELL Twenty-Oh-Five part one

I apologize for the lateness of this report. I've been a little busy. And I'd been delaying this report in hopes of including some pictures of the show and an audio 'podcast' of the first 2 hours of the show. But I haven't gotten the pictures and I'm still processing the audio recording, you'll have to wait.

AnimeHELL at Akon16 was scheduled for 9pm, so at 7pm I was on the road to the Adam's Mark Hotel in downtown Dallas. By 7:30pm I was at the Adam's Mark Convention Center looking for a spot to park the MyRage. 8pm and I'd found a parking spot and found State Room 1. It was smallish, max capacity was listed as 149 by the lightswitch, but I figured it was ok since we could run the show as long as we wanted. I found my Color Commentator, Bruce Lewis, in the Artist Alley then it was a run up a couple flights of stairs to get the HELLgear. After about a 10 minute ride in the parking garage elevator I finally get back to State Room 1.

It's about 8:20pm or so, I turn on the lights and drag my set up to the front of the room. People immediately start coming into the room and finding seats while I'm assessing the situation. The video projector, VCR/DVD player and amp is set up on the side of the room, and 10 feet from the A/V set up was the panel table. I turn on the projector and fire up the VCR/DVD player and pop in a tape of Intermission clips. The first problem came up, no sound. I picked up the microphone and turned it on. It worked, so I knew the sound system worked, it was time to call the AKon AV crew.

To be continued...

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