Thursday, June 09, 2005

Cartoon Intermission HELL!

Chris Sobieniak sends us some more gems of intermission animation as a reminder that you still had to sit through 20 minutes of commercials before the feature started in the last century.

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Look into the dead souless eyes of those patrons tempted by hot buttered popcorn!

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A critical view of law enforcement and those who steal movies....snackage!

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Don't look into the light!

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UPDATE! Ths just in: The physics in this cartoon are about on par with the STAR WARS movies, just lean out your rocket window and grab a fistful of cosmo-snacks!

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Chris Sobieniak said...

Love your comments on this batch!

You kinda forgot one though I sent you, so I'm posting the link here, but I titled it "Rocket to Outer Space" and is rather a goofy look at astronauts whom sour through the solar system composed by snack bar items (a merrie melody of a looney tune ensues).

It's true this goes back to the days when drive-ins would have these intermission fillers that were placed inbetween a break from the first film to the second, mainly to serve a purpose of giving people the opportunity to stretch, use the john or go back to the snack bar for seconds. Most of the time they were composed of mindless 5/10/20/30 second tags that usually promote a snack bar item available or display a message relating to proper drive-in rules, driver's safety or other PSA-type preachiness (like "Go to church on Sundays"). Some theaters in certain areas might also benefit from the use of local advertising when possible, usually resulting in text or some images of the business spotlighted while some voiceover announcement of that place's services are mentioned (think of this as cheap version of advertising on TV). These were usually sandwiched inbetween a countdown clock-type format use of snippets usually stating how many minutes were left until it would be over and welcomes you to the next movie.

There seems to be a few DVDs available out there of these, but the qualities would be of fair giving the material usually uncovered from actual drive-in presentations.

I only wish there was still a drive-in left in my area. Growing up I used to pass by the Miracle Mile Drive-In about a mile or two from my house. Don't believe I ever got to watch a film there before I was 5, after after that point the theater was closed due to a fire, and eventually never opened again, only to be replaced with a supermarket plaza, which survived for a decade, now a vacant ghost town itself. Seems so ironic to me to think of it.

Closest one to my town is on the east side though, and I've only been there once, with my sister and her athiest ex-boyfriend, this was about 5 years ago and the film had to be Disney's Dinosaurs, but it was worth at least seeing one film that way, didn't say around for the second. My sister also had to assume the classic drive-in experience of hiding in the trunk and going in the drive-in for free!

Anyway, thanks for showing these. I might come back again and unleash even more creepy, campy and downright idiotic clips for future blogging!

Tohoscope said...

Thanks for the ROCKET TO OUTER SPACE cartoon.

I guess in the age of DVD and Dish/Cable/Digital HDTV it's hard to see where Drive-ins can fit. Theaters seem to be doing ok, they fit into the foodchain of media. You know, movie is released into Theaters, then it's released to DVD and then Pay Per View and cable and down the line. Maybe there aren't enough Drive-ins left standing to mount a successful come back?

Chris Sobieniak said...

Much of what you've said is quite true. Other factors some like to bring up including the rise in property taxes for the lands the drive-ins were on, daylight savings time and other local/state laws governing their operation.

I've started to work more on my own blog now in case anyone likes to visit it!

Thanks again for posting my clips! :-)