Monday, June 06, 2005

Nocturnal Intermissions

While I was recovering from A-KonHELL Chris Sobieniak in Toledo sent us some intermission clips:

Originally uploaded by tohoscope.
I showed An alien walks into a snack bar before the show at A-Kon while trying to fix the sound.

Originally uploaded by tohoscope.
Sing along with the Intermission classic "Let's all go to the lobby"

Originally uploaded by tohoscope.
And take a quick bong hit before watching Pepsi Freakout

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Chris Sobieniak said...

Thanks for posting these online. I actually have more to share with you in the future if you like, plus some foriegn goodies of some interesting as time killers!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing these! I gotta find and post the Bic intermission with the creepy animated Bic Lighters that consume the snack bar with fire. It's almost as disturbing as the Pepsi Refreshment Time intermission cartoon...

Chris Sobieniak said...

That's interesting. Would love tos ee that ad.

I only really remember seeing one as a child in the '80s for Coke that I can't remember the premise of anymore, other than I think it had Penguins crusing through a desert or whatever. Kinda miss the way theaters were then when you had those type of things reminding you of the snack bar (unless it wasn't a March of Dimes charity thingy and some usher comes around asking for donations).

Nowadays theaters have "real" commercials but they're too much like the TV vesions ported to 35mm film. Kinda sucks! Nothing like the days when drive-in intermission reels would pimp items of generic value and hardly any brand-name interests unless noted (Pepsi, Oscar Mayer, etc.)

By the way, what would be a great venue for me to host my files on to use for my blog? Wasn't sure if it was possible, but the way the rules are everywhere I'm a little hesitated unless I'd have to use the same service you do.

Anonymous said...

Technically, that should be "nocturnal."

This thing has three messages attached, and yet the front page said "0 comments." The heck is that about? There's a bug someplace.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I've gone to aCen for two years in a row now, and always love your anime hell segments... I have a request, though-- can you provide a link where I can download the Dig Dug movie? It's been stuck in my mind ever since, and now my roomate is wanting to see it finally, too. We need a good laugh. Thanks in advance if this is possible!

-Benjamin Kraft

Unknown said...

The DIG-DUG movie is over at the Corn Pone Flicks site, the link is in the HELLsidebar.