Friday, June 24, 2005


Chris Sobieniak sends more televised moments in HELL. You can find loads more video clips on Chris's Blog!

Outside Fun
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Stop watching the TV and go outside and Detroit...Downtown Detroit...

Belly Bongo
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They try so hard to make this look like fun...even if the name sounds lewd.

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Can you remember the days when cartoons promoted smoking? A classic AnimeHELL clip, now online for your enjoyment.


Phil Lee said...

The Detroit segment begs to be edited together with Robocop footage.

Phil, off to order his Belly Bongo...if you know what I mean.

Chris Sobieniak said...

That doesn't sound like a bad idea with the Detroit PSA. I still don't know why they bothered doing this at all, but this was the late '70s/early '80s when parents and teachers were that conserned with what their kids were doing and thought they found a good excuse for them to get their butts off the living room floor. Those living in Detroit probably would've been WAY safer staying indoors anyway. I've only being up to Detroit a few times in my life, though I think the only decent suburb to visit is Dearborn.

The PSA I've captured originated from a broadcast of some show an NBC affilate in Detroit had ran for nearly eons called "Kidbits", which was some sort of kiddie science program where some jerk goes and does experiments based on some theme or whatever lectured. The show during it's original run was once aired for an hour, and inbetween the experiments used to be the Warner Bros. pre-1948 cartoon library (essentially the classics of Clampett, Avery and the rest before they began to mellow to a formula in the '50s). So while we would be watching Bugs Bunny defy the laws of physics, we'd be brought back down to earth to hear why gravity is important, and see some experiment where an egg gets sent to meet it's maker ensues.

The "Belly Bongo" thing is one that still intrigues me how such a product was ever made to begin with, without having the slightest idea of how obvious it was. I can just imagine some adult buying this for no particular reason than to spice up his sex life!

Amusingly, the bit at the end of that ad that goes "Here's how to get your Belly Bongo" would've been an indication for a TV station to substitute a slide or superimpose one that would show the list or logos of places where this product would be sold in. In most cases, these were usually a rag-tag assortment of discount department stores or other such pharmacy junkets like Kmart, Woolworth's, Montogermy Ward, some toy store or whatever in between, depending on where you live and the availablity of said stores. Here's some examples to download for approval...
Ronco's Shining Stars LP:
Krazy Glue:

The Flintstones Winston Cigarettes ad is probably one of those that will always be a curio to the uninitiated. I thought I did a good job presenting this with using the opening anc closing sequences to bridge the ad and to make it look like you would expect this to be the start of an episode, when in fact, it leads to the obvious. I only wish I had a decent copy of the ad to use. Heard of the Flintstones LD box set of the first 13 episodes that was released in the '90s that had this ad in it (and probably better quality than most VHS copies have), but I felt I did a good job on piecing this together from two separate sources.

For more neat things to download (and have yet to report yet):

Nickelodon Ident:
The classic old-skool logo!

Disney Channel Sign-Off:
This one freaked me out growing up!

CBC-TV logo:
For our Canadian pals!

Tohoscope said...

I always look through used LaserDisks at the used bookstores hoping to find classic old movies and collections, unfortunatly I usually only find movies that aren't too appealing to my tastes...

Chris Sobieniak said...

You're lucky. I hardly find any store in town with used LDs myself. Most times I get LDs tend to be animated titles including a few imports when possible. Earlier this year I managed to snag a copy of the "Lensman" flick from it's Japanese edition, plus "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind", and expecting to get the Disney flick "Song of the South" as well! At least I have eBay!