Friday, June 10, 2005

PacMan Fever has no cure

Chris over at Studio Toledo shares some old school video game commercials. See PacMan in other countries! See the roots of evil which have brought us to the brink of technological breakdown today!

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Best Nightmare Fuel Ever.

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"Are you trying to seduce me, Ms PacMan?"

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The ultimate truth of PacMan: Consume or be consumed...

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This PacMan is much more entertaining then the 2600 game it's trying to sell.

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Show us your pixels sweetheart!

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PacMan was the reason the Berlin Wall came down. Or maybe it was Tetris...

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Gwai Lo sit in what looks like darken opium den playing for their very souls!

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Enjoy a nice game of PacMan with Sesame Street's Mister Hooper [R.I.P.].

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1 comment:

Chris Sobieniak said...

Thanks for submitting these!

Somehow I didn't nkow who that guy was that you identified, but now I remember too well! It's been a long time since I last watched that show.

In selecting this crop for you, I was thinking of how crappy the 2600 version of Pac-Man really was, but yet it was the only game most of us would still play over and over without caring for not having the same identical look to the arcade original. Atari of course would try to make up for that with releaseing the 5200 version but it was too late!

The 2600 version of Pac-Man would also give some sound guys the advantage of using the familiar and clunky noices produced in the game to sweeten their mixes, as the sounds themselves fell into the Public Dormain cesspool in later years.

Since I got us into the '80s with this batch of clips, I'm going to send you something that hasn't been seen in decades, and all because of one network that decided to 'grow up' (though pre-maturely).

Take care!