Monday, April 11, 2011

Alice in Wonderland (1985)

This is honestly the only thing I remember clearly about this production.


Everything about this production was wrong. I do remember that.

Some of the music was very nice, however.

Some of it.

This is why we can't have nice things.

No Anthony Newley impersonations at the dinner table!

This obviously came out in the 80s.


I hate everything.


Chris Sobieniak said...

I remember Alice rescuing a baby out of some house and then discovering the baby turning into a pig later. That was one f--ked up production!

Dr. Mila said...

The baby ALWAYS turns into a pig.

crow said...

I guess, but still, at the age I was when I saw it, it just freaked me out!

crow said...

oops, I've responded with my "dummy google account" here. I still think I had a good username to use here (, works just fine but now I have to use Google Chrome for my mail G-mail account for now.

-C. Sobieniak

Anonymous said...

That last clip..."Godzilla is attacking the city" is all I could think.

Not the best of adaptations, but then it makes up for it with all the big name guest stars in it.

Now which Alice had Cary Grant as the Mock Turtle?

-danno, like a tea tray in the sky.