Saturday, April 23, 2011

Le pouding à l'arsenic

A sale on lobster found this video for me. Allow me to explain:


The grocery store down the street is having a sale on lobster (they send me emails) and I thought I'd try a new dish, so I was looking for the scene where Peter Lorre orders a lobster thermidor, because I knew the video had the recipe in the comments. Sadly, I did not find it.

But I did find a bunch of other Peter Lorre clips and I've been on a bit of an interest binge, so I was watching those and found this video.

That video is a little meh, but I like the tune, and I've also been on an electro-swing kick for a few weeks now, so that sent me to this video, which starts off very strong but becomes an eventual and convoluted mess.

I was curious about the band and found this bizarre gem. I imagine if a group of memes ever formed a band, that is the kind of video they would make.

It turns out, they aren't memes at all but actually French. They also put together this atrocity. I might enjoy that kind of repetition if I had 80 mg of MDMA in my system (and it would not hurt if it was the mid-90s again, but that's another story). I got mad watching the video because it wasn't going anywhere and I kept seeing the same orphan frame every three bars, so I decided to look up the source material.

Looking at it now, the memes didn't have much to work with.


Chris Sobieniak said...

This was a great movie! In case anyone wonders, it's "Asterix & Cleopatra" from 1968.

Dr. Mila said...

Oh man. I thought about posting more, but that scene with "Cleopatra's Bath", I knew I could not.

Chris Sobieniak said...

Still, that lion was cute trying to sing along!

Chris Sobieniak said...

I just reminded myself I had that on LaserDisc!

Chris Sobieniak said...

Disney Channel used to air this one a lot. And yet today we don't even get any of the Asterix movies out on DVD domestically, go figure!