Thursday, July 07, 2011

10th Annual Asian Film Festival!

If you are near Dallas for the weekend of the 15th, you should totes check out the AAFD! Why, you ask? Check it out.


A clever hybrid of alternating parody of/homage to the transforming robot programs of decades past, and what must be labeled a kind of Matsumoto-esque social commentary, KARATE-ROBO ZABORGAR pulls from such disparate sources as the Power Rangers and BIG MAN JAPAN and melds them together with the mad vision of Director Noboru Iguchi (AFFD 2010 hit ROBOGEISHA).

Yutaka Daimon (Yasuhisa Furuhara) is a young crime-fighting superhero, who works with his best friend Zaborgar, a robot that can turn into a motorbike. Together they battle the evil Dr. Akunomiya, who is extracting the DNA from politicians and scientists to further his life-long project of a massive cyborg creature, with which he plans to rule the world. After a critical battle, the story advances 20 years later, when an older Daimon (Itsuji Itao) must reconnect with the long-absent Zaborgar to continue their work.

Can't make it out for that one? What about ZEBRAMAN 2: ATTACK ON ZEBRA CITY?


That looks like so much fun.

And if you're not up for rubber-masks, maybe you'd enjoy some CGI in CITY UNDER SIEGE?

Over-the-top action, I wuv you.

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