Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The East is Red, White, and Blue

Everyone in this video could break me in two. I say that out of fear and respect.


I am extraordinarily grateful that I have never served any time in any kind of military organization. By the same respect, I am massively grateful for those who do (and part of why I volunteer with the Meet a Hero group). You should totes sign up for that.

These people are starving to death and they can still kick your ass.

I triple dog dare you to dance like that. Seriously. It gets cold there. You have to keep moving.

Beat that.

Ah, you beauty, pretty maiden,
Take a fancy to me,
Ah, rock-a-baby,
Take a fancy to me.

Little snowberry, snowberry, snowberry of mine!
Little raspberry in the garden, my little raspberry!


American propaganda! Although, I can think of a better soundtrack for this video.

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