Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Robert "It's a gas" Tilton

Oh, fart jokes. Will you never stop being funny?

Probably not.

No. He'll always be funny.

Robert Tilton is an American televangelist who achieved notoriety in the 1980s and early 1990s through his infomercial-styled religious television program Success-N-Life, which--at its peak in 1991--aired in all 235 American TV markets (daily in the majority of them), brought in nearly $80 million per year, and was described as "the fastest growing television ministry in America."

In 1985, two Canadian men began distributing a video they compiled lampooning Tilton and his ostensible conversations with God. The video exploits Tilton's facial expressions and preaching style. Entitled Pastor Gas, the video featured a medley of footage from Success-N-Life overdubbed with well-timed sound effects of flatulence. Unofficial VHS copies of the video circulated in the United States through the late 1980s under such titles as Heaven Only Knows, The Joyful Noise, and The Farting Preacher. After the hosts of The Mark & Brian Show, a radio program in Los Angeles, mentioned the video on the air, the video's authors saw the market potential and began selling official copies of their creation. Similar videos have since been made in more recent times using more recent footage of Tilton and are distributed throughout the internet, all under the Farting Preacher name. The video distribution (including digital bootlegs distributed online) expanded public awareness of Robert Tilton and his controversial television ministry.


Chris Sobieniak said...

I can tell someone re-did this video. I've had it for years but mine had the cheaply-titled "Only Heaven Knows..." and didn't have the phone number blurred!

Unknown said...

There was a tape that both me and Dave bought at a store called Forbidden Books and Video back in the 90s that I made a lot of copies of. Which I'm guessing is the one you've got? Maybe?

Chris Sobieniak said...

I'm sure that's probably it. I got it from another Texas pal I know so it went around. I posted my copy over at Facebook anyway.