Saturday, October 08, 2011

Disney's Halloween Treat (1982)

This was one of the tapes I wore out as a kid. I think I had missed it when it first showed, but Mom taped it and I watched it over and over again. Finding it now, I sang along with the opening credits. Yeah...still know the words.

Later, it was actually put out on tape. There's no DVD, but I'm sure that it will eventually be released (for a limited time only!) from the Disney vault. I don't know who runs that vault, but they are a real dick about it.

A year later, there was A Disney Halloween, which used large portions from Halloween Treat and Disney's Greatest Villains.

(And yes, I know it was a short clip, but that is Hans Conried as the magic mirror. What a fine and distinctive voice.)


Chris Sobieniak said...

The big difference between "Disney's Halloween Treat" and "A Disney Halloween" is more of where or when they first aired. I think "Disney's Halloween Treat" was seen during the "Walt Disney" anthology program on CBS back in '82 (or at least around the time it was on it's last leg, a prime-time TV tradition that died shortly after this aired). "A Disney Halloween" was seen on The Disney Channel (which at the time was one of those special channels you had to beg your folks to get if they could afford it, like mine).

Dr. Mila said...

Yeah, both "Halloween Treat" and "Greatest Villains" were prime-time specials.

We eventually got the Disney Channel, but I don't recall seeing "Disney Halloween" on it.

Chris Sobieniak said...

I remember the second special well as my mom taped that back then as well (I could fish out the tape if I had to, but since someone else already did for YouTube, whatever).