Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's like science, but fun

Mom and older sister are freaked out, having been properly trained by society to be weak and squeamish. Little sister has not yet been indoctrinated and is thus unafraid. Dad is unimpressed either way.

Man, boys get the best toys, I swear. I'm amazed they didn't girl it up and make one with a mold of little dolls and hearts and pastel colors.

Ah crap, they did.

It looks like girls used to be a lot tougher, back in the day. By the 90s, they aren't wearing a spider ring anymore.

Of course, by 2002, boys were invading girl territory when it came to toys. Then they all grew up and started watching Bizarre Foods.

A choking hazard waiting to happen. That's the best kind of toy.

That had better be water-soluble. Tell ya what, champ. Why don't you wait until you go to your mom's this weekend before you play with that bad boy? Naw, your mom's a cool lady. She'll be fine with it.

The joke writes itself.


Chris Sobieniak said...

The things I never asked my mom for!

Unknown said...

The appeal of Creepy Crawlers for me was the making of them. I could MAKE a monster. Okay. It was just a tray of foul smelling latex bugs. But it was so cool to make 'em.

Never really did much with them after making them. The ones I took to school were confiscated. Kinda took the fun outta that.

Chris Sobieniak said...

It's never fun when you bring things to school.