Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ghost Hunters (2004)

Personally, I would love to have a ghost that created cold spots in the house. I would never have to deal with a watered down drink again. The ice would never melt!

I love shows like this because they are so darn fun to watch. There's the acting, the special effects, the's great.

I keep waiting for someone to put one together that's just a thinly-veiled "Scooby Doo" cover: handsome guy, pretty girl (the spokespeople), and then nerdy girl as the scientist with all the gadgets and some stoner who's actually a psychic (a la Roddy McDowall in The Legend of Hell House). Psychics, to me, have always come across as kinda flaky, like stoners. Maybe he's blind and needs a seeing-eye dog. It would be a great show.

But, to be honest, the Shaggy character would most likely be the sound guy. When you put together a show like this, it's important that the sound guy always gets hit. He doesn't have a camera, so you never get to see what happened, and it makes for spoooooky sounds. I think CPF has looked carefully at how these videos are put together. I'm all for critical analysis of what they show on TV.


Unknown said...

I really, really, really hate this show.

The last time I was watching the show I was screaming at the TV. I can not believe people watch this shit.

Nice commentary.

Dr. Mila said...

Orson had a few words about people who buy their own hokum.