Sunday, October 23, 2011

Now, You See Him; Now, You Don't

Besides the whole "crazy dude that wants to take over the world" aspect, Claude Rains' Invisible Man is someone I would not mind having a beer with. I've worked tech-support. We have many tales of human stupidity to swap.

Smoking jacket. Dude had class.

That's an illustration for the first edition of the H. G. Wells novella. Here, you can read it. It's not very long. That's good on a Sunday afternoon.

What I love the most about these movies is the special effects. It's mostly pantomime from the other actors, but there is that occasional foot-print in the snow, or "miraculously" levitated object.

Check out Sam Neil's awesome pantomime there with the gun-headband. Who knew he could do physical humor?

Dangit, CGI! You suck the fun out of everything!

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