Friday, October 21, 2011

Just wrapping up the week...

Hey! There's even a Japanese version!

Watch as someone unwittingly raises the dead. Nicely done!

So help me, Christopher Lee.

Also, this happened.

So Brendan Fraser was in a mummy movie that was a remake of a Karloff film but he was also in Gods and Monsters, which was about the man who made Frankenstein, which was also a Karloff movie.

There was a nice little nod to Karloff in Night at the Museum 2. I wonder if it was the writer, director, or Azaria who decided on that.

As Dan pointed out in the comment, "I bet if Azaria had been doing Bela Lugosi they'd gotten it right off."

(There's some language in that link. Be aware.)

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Unknown said...

That Japanese Terror of the Mummy is so cool. I gotta find more.