Friday, June 03, 2011

Florida Anime Experience 2011 DOOM Playlist

The Florida Anime Experience was conceived from the start to be a low-key affair and was planned accordingly. The event was a success, exceedingly attendance estimates by virtue of the fact that quite a few of us poor schmucks in Florida can't easily get to any of the major anime conventions being held in North America that weekend. For cons of this scale, most attendance is on Saturday only...and so with that in mind I scheduled my Panel OF DOOM! for 10:00 PM on Friday. They gave me the Main Events room, and while I didn't fill the grand ballroom to capacity like the various Anime Hells that occurred Memorial Day weekend, part of that was because the total convention attendance for that time wouldn't have filled the room anyway. I was perfectly satisfied with my turnout. Setup was a breeze and all the tech ran flawlessly; the show started at 10:00 PM on the dot (after leading in with some vintage Sailor Moon toy commercials) and ended right at midnight, just as scheduled. This despite the lead-in being a cosplay-related "American Idol"-style contest!

Here's the not-exactly-chronological playlist:

01. Chargeman Ken - every Panel OF DOOM! this year is opening with this
02. Captain America trailer (1990)
03. Reb Brown Captain America with Christopher Lee (whose birthday was that day!)
04. Fantastic Four Cartoon – Magneto the Angry, Stoned Driver
05. Internet blogger "Koji Oe" trashes his home and burns his little anime girl figurines while screaming at his manga as though they were real people
06. An irate furry with a message to all the "haters"
07. G.I. Joe Street Fighter Commercials
08. The "Street Fighter" battle in the Jackie Chan live-action City Hunter
09. Dr. Slump commercials followed by Jackie Chan fighting while dressed up as Arale from Dr. Slump
10. "Open Your Eyes" music video featuring "Rocky" vs "ED-209" in a boxing match
11. Commercials for “Mr. Brain’s…”
12. Wild 7 – Introductory scene of the gang foiling the bank robbers
13. Miami Connection - Ninja battle across the University of Central Florida campus once home to JACO
14. Sushi TV – failed late-night anime block pitch for titles like Baoh and MD Geist
15. True My Heart vs Commando – the Arnold movie repurposed to be the peppy opening to a Japanese gal game
16. Onion News Network - Justice Shed
17. Jersey Shore Gone Wilde - reciting dialogue from Jersey Shore as if it were an Oscar Wilde play
18. Corn Pone Flicks – The Bicycle Thief
19. The Weird Al Show - Macho Man Randy Savage pays Weird Al a visit
20. Cheers Beer ads
21. Stone Cold Steve Austin Impersonates Rick Astley
22. Job-placement site advertisement featuring Kenshiro
23. My Father Is a Hero - Jet Li can't stop the bad guys until he uses a small child as a makeshift flail/yo-yo
24. Fire and Ice - Breakdancing and Skiing, Together At Last
25. Science Ninja Team Gatchaman - Professor Nambu Is a DICK (baby whales, Magma Jesus in lieu of the rapture)
26. Deadly Friend – Ma Fratelli loses her head courtesy of a basketball pass
27. Italian trailer for Lupin the Third: Secret of Mamo
28. Orson Welles for Paul Masson…followed by the drunken outtakes
29. Orson Welles taking pictures of little ballerinas using his Vivitar camera
30. Dialogue from Truck Turner dubbed over footage of Uhura from Star Trek: The Animated Series
31. Redubbed ad for Zoobooks
32. The Way of the Gun – Opening Scene
33. 1980s Astro Boy – Uran and the Creepy Old Man
34. My Lucky Stars - Bodybuilder Geisha fight
35. Kids in the Hall – Bruce is more than just “the poo guy”
36. Golgo 13 and Ashita no Joe pachinko ads
37. Cillit Bang Adverts followed by parodies
38. Nicolas Cage behaving…erratically…in Vampire’s Kiss
39. Space Battleship Yamato – the Comet Empire hates dinosaurs
40. Wild 7 – Interrogation scene culminating in surprise impalement
41. How to Comment on Youtube Videos
42. Deadly Prey aka “The Most Action-Packed Movie Of All Time”
43. Ten Tigers of Kwangtung Finale

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Chris Sobieniak said...

A lot of classics a few I hadn't seen yet!