Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Somehow or other, Dan and I got in a conversation about watches tonight.

Apparently, some kid on Twitter said that only old people wear wrist-watches. I can see where the kid is coming from, as most cell phones today have a time function of some sort. I had always used the analog clock as the screen-saver on my Nokia 1100 (don't laugh, it worked) because I thought it was funny.

Dan won't wear a wrist-watch because he is a furry monster from The North and has trouble with the straps. I think wrist-watches look like shackles, to be honest, and we discussed pocket-watches. From there, I mentioned that I don't half-mind watch broaches.

And that led to Google.

The thing about a nurse's watch is the dial is upside down so the nurse can read it. (Yes, I said dial, not face. Apparently, that is the correct term, according to a clock-maker I know.)

During this conversation, we found some very nice watches, none of which I would ever buy.

Let's go back to that first link, shall we? I got stuck looking at lots of nurse watches and we started to poke around that particular site and we found...

...this thing.

It does not look like much. It's just a foldable water-bottle. But then I wondered how much custom printing on it would cost and if we could get the "rules for a healthy con" printed on that with the web-site on the other side and it made a lot of sense.

The candy we throw at the shows isn't free, and we've been trying to figure out how to come out even on this. We like throwing candy, don't get me wrong.

Most of our prizes are donated by White Lightning Productions, but anything after that is cost we soak up. We can't charge admission due to the copyright status of our source material. We don't want to put ads on the site and a PayPal "donate" button seems tacky. The idea of being an Amazon partner has been bandied about; but, again, it seems tacky.

But we could sell a water-bottle. During the summer cons? Oh yeah. We could do that.

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