Friday, June 17, 2011


My happy (self)medicated self saw this and said, "That's that for THAT!"


Personally, I love juggling. I'm not very good at it myself (I keep leading with the left hand), but I always appreciate when it's done well. It's magic. It's slight of hand. It's dance.

Look familiar?

Yeah. That was real.

Sadly, no amen break.

It helps if they're cute.

I could watch that all night.

I'd post more of the lovely brothers, but it's getting late. You should look up their cover of "A Comedy of Errors", however. There's a great sequence with a spear.

There's a hat trick everyone should learn. I'm looking at you, steampunks.

In the end, I leave you with this. It's people having fun, doing what they do well. May a happy future come where we may all do the same.

Mad props to @PRguitarman for that first video link.

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