Friday, June 03, 2011

Music to Chase The Dragon By

Back before I had access to a VCR I used to tape movies and TV shows on a portable 3M tape recorder. I placed the little microphone by the TV speaker and pressed both play and record at the same time and filled up a cassette tape of lo-fi mono goodness. Later I played back the cassette over and over, my way of enjoying the movies without being able to watch the movies "on demand." I quickly noticed that Movies had a richer sound then TV shows and sitcoms. This was my introduction to sound design.

Which is probably why I'm enjoying this Creative Commons Netlabel project so much.

Ergo Phizmiz has taken Albert Zugsmith's "Confessions of an Opium Eater" and edited and mastered Albert Glasser's film score, along with the movie's sound design and some choice Vincent Price monologues. That's the brilliance of this Chinstrap Music project. Going through the soundscape of public domain films and finding some great movie music. What a great idea.

Be sure to listen to "Opium" for the full bad trip seedy opium den effect.

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