Monday, October 24, 2011

There's a good man in there, somewhere.

Welp, last Moon-day, we covered werewolf transformations (hyuck hyuck), and Kris mentioned Jekyll & Hyde. The above link is an excellent example of another kind of transformation (see if you can spot all the edits).


Hey, there's a mirror. Where's the camera?

It would appear that doing a decent transformation sequence is one of those "wisdom of the ancients" type things, lost through time, like building pyramids, fixing a typewriter, or how to make decent french toast. I've seen similar transformations done in real life and they were more convincing.

Oh! Oh! I know! And I am telling. SPOILER ALERT: He becomes Jerry Lewis.

You know what this reminds me of? How to Get Ahead in Advertising, which is an interesting Jekyll and Hyde story in its own way. Turns out, Hyde is better at the job.

Everything is a remix. Or a remake. Amazing.

Even that is a remake.

Wanna see the version from 1920 with John Barrymore? No? Here it is. Here is the 1990 version with Michael Caine.

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Unknown said...

That 1931 version with Fredric March?

"The secret of the astonishing transformation scenes was not revealed for decades (Mamoulian himself revealed it in a volume of interviews with Hollywood directors published under the title The Celluloid Muse). Make-up was applied in contrasting colors. A series of colored filters that matched the make-up was then used which enabled the make-up to be gradually exposed or made invisible. The change in color was not visible on the black-and-white film."

Green and red makeup and green and red filters on the lights. Lo tech effects are the best.